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Qur’an 34:       V.34 - 35
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Glenn’s Testimony
How God, AVINU MALKEINU,YHWH filled me with love for the precious Jewish and Muslim people, Abrahams two
sons, Ishmael and Isaac and all other people and also my enemies.

I was born into a Jewish family in 1960 in the Florence Nightingale hospital in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. I was
almost not born, but the God I never knew said this little boy must be born & I have a plan & a purpose for him
to meet me and share my love with all the world. My precious mom was pregnant with me +- 5 months before
they got married & their parents were disgusted & this brought shame, guilt etc. to my parents. They were in
two minds to have me aborted or not. Thank God I’m here to tell the graceful story at 56 years of age. With four
precious sisters that followed me into this world. That makes 5 kids. I remember my dear dad telling my family
that our mom is mad & she is not allowed to give love to me, Glen her eldest child & only son. So I remember
sucking my thumb, wetting my bed, peeing on the carpet & out the window, having night mares very often, being
hit-disciplined by my dad with a belt on average 3 times a week on my backside, being scared to cross the
passage to go to the toilet, going to school without bathing many times, being called a bloody Jew all the
years until now, at school, in the streets etc., no lunch for school, very hungry, boxing the bullies of the school
often, seeing strife, bitterness, unforgiveness, sulking, offence, anger, rage, stubbornness, stiff-necked, no
respect, wasting time, lies, fear etc. etc. I remember looking at my father’s playboys in secret & this pornography
led me to looking for love which i was not allowed to get from my “mad” Mom or from my dad who was always at
his gym from early to late...I looked in all the wrong places. With some of my sisters & then with girls either
from school or in the neighborhood. I could not concentrate at school. I found myself looking for attention. I was
not able to concentrate. I was absent minded. Pea shooting, acting like Charlie Chaplin in front of the class
behind the teachers back until I was caught & thrown out the class & the principal often got me outside the
classroom & sent me to wait outside his office where he would come which seemed like hours later to get me to
bend over & i got an average of 3 to 6 cuts from a stick on an average of once a week. I failed standard 3, &
standard 6 & was pushed into standard 8. I was so frustrated, confused, anxious, & other negative emotions.
Somehow I knew inside of me I’m not going to give up. I knew I had to just keep on keeping on.

At age 10 i remember praying to God to please save me & my family from all the torment-chaos at home. I
thought God never answered my prayer as we my 4 sisters were taken by the Jewish welfare to court where the
magistrate hit his hammer on the table & said the 5 kids will go to Arcadia Jewish orphanage in Parktown
Johannesburg & our dear mom will go to Krugersdorp sanatorium-mental institution-mad house. This was actually
God answering my prayer by putting the kids in a normal orphanage where we got love, not scared to go  
bathing, out of the confusion into a normal Jewish religious life. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch box for school,
chader-learning hebrew, preparing for my Jewish barmitzvah, learning about kosher food, Sabbath, & all the
Jewish feasts & festivals throughout the year. I was still confused about God, religion, why I was called a bloody
Jew all my life, where my parents were & how they were. They never came to visit us for years. We were taken
out sometimes on weekends by other parents. While learning Hebrew & learning my barmitzvah portion from the
Jewish bible the Torah, 5 books of Moses. Barmitzvah is for Jewish boys at age 13 & butmitzvah is for Jewish
girls at age 12. I never understood anything I was learning in Hebrew. We never got the English. They said just
learn the Hebrew for now. I remember crying many evenings when the rabbi said one more time, one more time
before we finish for the day. I know he meant well for me to learn my part off by heart so I could stand in front
of the Jewish shul, synagogue with all those family, friends & others watching me, listening to me as I read and
sing my part. I can remember my part which i did & understood nothing at all. All i remember is I practised my
voice by singing Kentucky blues leave me alone, don’t want to hear you knocking at my door & don’t cry for me
Argentina, the truth is I never loved you all through my mad life, my wild existence. I remember getting presents
after my barmitzvah, the money was taken by my dear dad to pay for the barmitzvah celebrations. I remember a
big white round tent with lots of delicious food. I remember my late dad gave me a poem in a frame called ‘if’ if
you can keep your mind while others around you are losing theirs, you will be a man my son by Rudolf Kipling. I
had no idea how to be this person. It was just words on a piece of paper in a nice frame. I’m so grateful for my
parents & arcadia staff, rabbis school staff, people who donated for our well-being.

Even though I was this confused, anxious little Jewish boy who was told at my barmitzvah now you are a man &
you are accountable young man. To God, school & my whole life. After seeing a confused, angry, stubborn,
messed up house hold.. I had no idea how to keep up the act of being an accountable Jewish boy-man at 13
years of age. By the way we all came back home from the orphanage at this time, but after my barmitzvah I was
taken back to Arcadia Jewish orphanage because I was naughty. My sisters stayed on at home with my mom and
dad. My mom & dad never got back together. The divorce went through many years later after my dad had been
visiting an Austrian girlfriend. Now I was even more confused when dad chose a non-Jewish lady. I remember
choosing two idols to fill the big hole in my heart, Sylvester Stallone-Rocky & Richard Gere the Gigolo –womaniser.  

I remember my teen age years was made up of drinking, smoking, sex, dagga, stealing, pornography, adultery,
lies, fighting people who called me a bloody Jew. Mixed up with a few homosexual so called friends-one who
was a chief rabbis secretary-the other a movie house manager-the other a Jewish friend in the neighbourhood,
clubs, running away from arcadia & home most of the time I spent with the naughty friends on the streets.   

I remember choosing to go to the SA army at age 16 with my dear friend Shani Krebs  instead of continuing at
school which to me was a waste of time as I never really learned anything at school. The only thing I was good
at was sport & thanks to my precious mom taught me my times table up to 12 x 12 of which today I remember
off by heart. Army places were Middleburg TVL, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, Windhoek, Oshivello, Swasu, Windhoek,
Potch, Pretoria & back to Johannesburg & then one month in army prison-db. 18 months on the South West African
border. 25 months in total. Now I was even more confused young man after going through so much bad in the army.
However I’m grateful for the discipline, submission, obedience etc. which I did learn.

After finishing the army I felt like I was alone in this big beautiful but crazy world. divided crazy family. All I
thought of was to find work & a place to stay & prove to the world & my family I can be succesful. I don’t think
God was a clear subject for me. I never knew who God was, where God was, how God was. But I still believed
that God was real and was somewhere in the sky. My late dad always told me to leave God in the sky & we must
use our saigel-use a brains, positive thinking which God has given us. I remember my late dad always made me
hit the table, dashboard of the car and say I am a man...say it louder & hit the table harder & say i am a man. I
hurt my hand many times as I got angry and hit the table hard. I remember breaking my dad’s Chev Caprice American
car’s dashboard after hitting it so hard.

So with God in the sky I remember searching for jobs & working with all my strength to make a living. I sold crockery
& cutlery sets, jewelly, gold & diamonds, hambugers, shwarmas, golf tee advertising, cleaning fish tanks, OK bazaars
receiving manager, selling & manafacturing my late dads wrist & ankle weights. I remember taking over Shani Kreb’s
drug invested flat in Hillbrow after they ran away & never came back & I only took the Jewish welfares first kind offer
of R200 towards my first month’s rent & never again. I told them kindly I wanted to try make it in life without the
welfares help. Thanks for all your Arcadia help so far. Now it’s time to fly like an eagle. I think I was very proud &
stubborn to refuse this kind help. I only earned R250 per month so while looking for a better job I started stealing to
get by in life. The pattern I see in my life was I got away with doing small bad things...and as the years went by I
started doing bigger bad things. Somehow God protected me from being killed or imprisoned. After working for others
for -+ 9 years I found myself starting 7x businesses in the next few years. A bodybuilding gym, a motivation-leadership-
management courses business, a catering business,2 fast food outlets, assistant development director of SMI –Success
Motivation International & my late dad’s gym equipment manufacturing business.

The most special privilege that I had besides all my experiences in life so far was having 2 precious daughters from 2
different moms. Ashanti & Kyla-Kim. Even though their moms took them far away from me to Durban & Botswana I knew
somehow one day it will work out. I’m sure I was this confused, lost, Richard Gere womaniser, irresponsible etc. so I don’t
blame them for rejecting me.                               

Then suddenly I had a visitation from God where he revealed himself to me & with his incredible irresistible love he started
drawing himself to me. This was my most privileged time of my life. After all the businesses, bad headaches, back pain,
skin disease, broken relationships, lies, adultery, fornication, drunkardness, smoking, stealing etc etc I found myself very
heavy laden & burdened. I was really tired. I had everything material, businesses, overseas trips, house, cars, bikes, women
etc. but there was a void, an emptiness in me that I couldn’t fill. Suddenly at age 29 God sent a sexy Christian girl to me in
Brixton to share God’s salvation through repentance & faith in my Jewish Messiah Jesus precious blood. God surely knew how
to get through to my heart through sexy women. I respected this woman & her passion to share God’s salvation with me,
nothing made sense except I felt God’s love starting to knock on my door of my life, my heart, but it was only the beginning
of how God was starting to draw me to himself. Then a month later I landed up in Texas, Dallas, USA where I was buying a
motivation distributorship business to use to come back to SA to help change the attitudes of South Africans, my own parents
& family, apartheid, anti-Semitism, hypocrisy etc by changing your attitude, changing your thinking. God had other plans for me..
He was about to touch & transform my heart & not my attitude. It had to start in the heart, not in the mind. After 3 days in the
4 day convention in Dallas, Hyatt regency hotel after having breakfast in the morning with pornography picture on my vest &
my leader gently asking me to go change my disgusting vest...suddenly in the evening in a Dallas bar...God put me with a
sexy Dallas cowgirl who landed up in my hotel room after some beers. She never had alcohol, but instead started to share
God’s salvation with me like the lady-Irma did a month before in SA except this Dallas cowgirl told me that God has come to
save you and answer your prayer you prayed at age 10....well if you could have seen my attitude change immediately ...I was
sweating and thinking deeply for the first time in my life at age 29 & walked the lady-angel down to her Landrover & watched
her drive away into the moon light & I remember going straight to bed & slept like a baby. The next day was the 4th & final
day of the SMI convention.-+ 100 SA people & maybe 2000 other people from around the world from 65 nations were in the
big hall. After going into a vision for a few hours, I had no idea what was going on in the hall on the stage around me. Suddenly
everyone stood up at the end of the day & my neighbour tapped me on the shoulder & asked me to stand. As i stood up, it was
like I was standing at attention with my ears listening to a song called Jerusalem lift up your gates and sing, hosanna in the
highest. This was not a religious meeting. So with tears slowly running down my cheeks, a warm feeling in my body, with goose
bumps from my feet to my head, with 3 questions in my mind..1: who is this Jesus?..2: from Jerusalem?. 3:and he is a Jew? I
never cried before. Tigers don’t cry. Now I found myself in God’s holy presence. Just me.

I never understood what was happening but when I got back to SA I never rested until I got answers to those 3 questions in my
heart. I went to some rabbis & they told me not to talk about Jesus. I respected them, told them my Dallas salvation experience.
They told me to stop dreaming & come back & be a good Jew & leave Jesus alone. I could not do this. I was prepared to go back
to shul but not stop searching for & talking about Jesus. The next night a had a dream to go to Leo & Janet Nedermeyer. They
will explain the bible to you and show you what it teaches about Messiah Jesus. God showed me where they live & when I knocked
on his front door he, Leo opened his door & said.. welcome home son. I’ve been praying for you for many years to find salvation in
Messiah Yeshua, Jesus. for 2 months we had bible study at his home. I was brought up not to go with the Gentiles & there idol
Jesus & definitely not to go to church, so I was brainwashed, however i found myself going to Rhema church in Randburg after
2 months of knowing for myself what the bible and salvation through Jesus is all about. I asked myself why I never got taught
the whole bible growing up with my Jewish community & in English so i could understand & apply to my life. God had now got my
full attention.as i was sitting in this church with -+5000 people, the preacher Ray Macaulay said if you were to die in the next
30 seconds & had no idea where I would land up ,heaven or hell, you need to come forward & give your life to Jesus so you can
have assurance of everlasting life instead of everlasting torment. Daniel 12v1-3.. Joel 2v29. Mathew 18v3. John 3v1-17.
Jeremiah 31v31-34.that was my miracle when I went to the front for prayer & within 3 months I landed up in full time Rhema
evening school bible school 1990 to 1992. I went to my parents, girlfriend, friends, enemies, outstanding debts to say sorry,
please forgive me & to make right, to pay back until I owe no one anything except to love. Some forgave me, some thought
I was silly, some released me from lease agreements, some released me from money I stole from them & said we are happy
you are getting your life in order & you have found your peace, your salvation.

Suddenly I read in the bible by Jesus’ stripes I’m healed. So I laid hands on my headaches, skin disease ,back pain etc. &
everything was healed, gone, no more. With all these miracles happening to me I had to now learn to become faithful & holy
with my body, my eyes, my sexual organs, my thoughts, my money, with my government, family, enemies, etc etc .
Romans 12v1-3. This is called sanctification which has taken god a long time to purify & refine me into his image in Christ Jesus.
I’ve been through a terrible divorce after 18 months as a born again messianic Jew-Christian where I had to deal with guilt,
failure, making God’s name bad, Jesus name bad, & my name bad. I had 7 & a half years of no girls, no sex. I was learning to
be married to God as my husband & learn to live, move & have my being in the Holy Spirit & not the flesh. God was so patient
with me all the years. God disciplines those he loves. I’ve learned to take discipline because it produces character, kindness,
perseverance, love, joy, peace, goodness, self-control, faithfulness etc.

After being invited to go with evangelism outreaches for many years, I started seeing precious Muslims approach me & my
friends & ask us... How does a Jew believe in Jesus???.... This question added to my passion to include sharing God’s salvation,
God’s amazing love, grace not only with inmates in prison, the poor in the squatter camps, the poor on the streets but also the
precious Muslims./.......so i started reading & reading the Quran alongside my bible & then studying the Quran as I studied the
bible....and studying what Free Mason, Jehovah’s Witnesses, ZCC, Yah, Hari Krishna, Buddhism, Hinduism, 7th day Adventist,
Mormons-the church of the latter day saints, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims - Shiattes & Sunni Muslims,
Shembas, Rastas, Christian Science, Old & New Apostolics, Protestants, Lutherans, & all the other religions. When I read
John 17...it says that Jesus wants us to love one another & become one in Jesus word, in Jesus teachings, in the Holy Spirit  
& all people will know there is a loving holy God in Israel through Messiah Jesus who is the perfect image of the invisible God,
all  because of the love they will see in us, through us towards one another. God’s love will convict us of our sin-of his
righteousness-& the judgement to come.

Before I share my passion & insights from the Quran that confirm God’s word in the bible please may I have the privilege of
sharing God’s goodness in the last few years.
I’ve seen God’s grace in my marriage to my precious wife Amore for the last 11 years. Without God’s grace I would not be
able to be a humble cherishing man of God, especially after the bad past I had from a child until 29 years of age. I give God
all the glory. I believe just like Job, Peter & many others God allowed Satan, the Iblis, Shataan, the devil, the dragon to sift
me & humble me so like all these men I too can be comforted with God’s Holy Spirit comfort & now I can go comfort others
with God’s comfort & not my own self-righteousness from my old fleshly, positive thinking mind. It’s comfort from the heart.
Quran 57v27..Revelation 3v18-22.
I’ve seen God reconciling my 2 daughters ,Kyla-Kim & Ashanti to one another & to me & my wife, after some very difficult
unforgiveness, hatred, confusion etc etc...only God can do this. To God be all the glory.
I’ve also seen God’s love reconcile both moms of our 2 precious daughters to them and to me & my wife, after some very
difficult unforgiveness, bitterness, lack of knowledge, impatience, and stubbornness. I now know God allowed all this so that
it will bring me to my knees & when I find salvation in Jesus I will really appreciate it & work out my salvation with fear &
trembling so that on the day of judgement I will be found written in the lambs book of life & not eternal torment, but eternal
life with God. Daniel 12v1-3. To God be all glory.
I’ve also seen God restore & reconcile our 2 sons Jac & Reinart to their mom & me after some tough, confusing, challenging
times. To God be all the glory.
I’ve also seen God provide all my needs every single day, every single month for 27 years since I surrendered to Jesus. He has
never left me, nor forsaken me, even in my dark days, Psalm 51...like King David. Even if God was a few days late, he always
provided my financial commitment, every single month. To God be all the glory.
I’ve also seen God bless me & my wife with a great  insight, love, passion to share the good news of salvation though Jesus,
Isa, Yeshua with the precious Muslims & precious Jews. This insight is from the Holy Spirit of God though his word which is
burning inside my heart like rivers of living water flowing from my innermost belly. I don’t have room to contain it so thank
you for allowing me to share this living water with you. My prayer is that God’s Holy Spirit will fill you with the same passion,
agape love for the Muslims, Jews, inmates in prison and all people. Acts 1v8..Mathew 28v18..and to be good & faithful servants,
sons & daughters.

My prayer is all of us from all our different Christian denominations & all other religions will all repent & get born again & put away
our man made laws & traditions which are not in the holy word of God & grow in grace & get into unity with God the Father,
Messiah Jesus and the Holy Spirit. One new people in Christ Jesus. 2 Cor 5v17. John 17. Psalm 150 & Ps 133. No more forbidding
believers to speak in tongues, especially the way Gods word says we must use tongues. No more forbidding the gifts to operate
in the body of Christ. No more being deceived by any teachings in God’s word like end times in Daniel & Revelation, alcohol, food
without making people stumble to pray & eat all food that God has made clean-it’s not what goes in the mouth-that goes to the
toilet, it’s what comes out the heart, prayer in secret & not to be seen by people & God answers us in the open. Fasting in secret
not to be seen by man. Children obeying their parents. Parents not provoking there kids so they become weary of following God.
Servants submitting to your bosses in all things even the tough ones. The boss can be won over to God by the servants good
behaviour. Bosses to be fair with their servants as they have a master in heaven, God. Submit to the law of the land, the
government, Romans 13. Pay to God what belongs to God & pay to the government what belongs to them. Respect my elders.
Honour the government & my elders. Don’t rebuke an older person. Love my enemies, bless those who curse me. Pray for those
who spitefully use & abuse me. Turn the other cheek, exercise self-control & patience. Wife, one wife to submit to her only one
husband in all things, even the tough husband-by the believing wife’s actions she can win over the husband to God. Husband
cherish your own one wife. It’s impossible to be equal with more than one wife. Quran 4v129. Ephesians 4.one husband & one
wife are joint heirs with Christ, seated in heavenly places with Jesus, submitting one to another in the fear of God. Do everything
without murmuring & complaining. Take the log out my own eye before trying to help remove the splinter in another’s eye. Cut off
my own hand if it causes me to sin, pluck out my own eye if it cause me to sin. It’s better to go to heaven with one eye, than to
go to hell with 2 eyes. Pray about everything, give thanks in everything, rejoice in everything-for this is the will of God in Christ
Jesus our Messiah.

Most of these commandments are spoken of in the Quran. Muhammad said we must fear God & follow & obey Jesus Quran 43v61-63:
Muhammad said we must not lift him up, he is just a plain warner, a messenger like the others who came before him Quran 46v9: ,
he said we must not be proud & arrogant but humble & learn from the people of the book, the Jews & Christians. The true Christians
are the Muslims best of friends –Quran 5v82:because we not only have the truth but live it...and by the way...not everyone who says
Lord Lord. Will go to heaven...Jesus said you practised lawlessness, depart from me I never knew you. We will be known by the love
we have for one another. The Quran says there is no compulsion in religion. Jesus said pure & undefiled religion is to visit the widows
& orphans in there distress & keep ourselves spotless from this wicked & sinful world as beautiful as nature is & all other creation.
James 1v ?. to not be a lawless person in my own sinfulness, my own self-righteousness I must repent & cry out to God to forgive
me & make me a brand new person with a new heart with Jesus in our heart by his precious atoning blood. Isaiah 53v2-12...Daniel
9v24-27...Isaiah 61...In the Quran we see the good news of this precious righteous blood of Messiah Jesus, Yeshua, Isa, Jesu,
sinless, pure, holy, faultless, son of Mary.!!!!!!!!!  In Quran 7v26 we see we must receive Gods raiment covering of righteousness &
not leaves or skins like Adam & Eve did. This raiment of righteousness is the blood of Jesus..Quran 3v55..& God caused Jesus to die
& then raised him to himself after Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven he first made the new covenant in his blood
with his disciples & said when you remember me..do this drink my blood & eat my flesh spiritually to have true life in your heart…
Quran 57v27...tenderness, kindness, patience, mercy, compassion, holiness in the heart only from Jesus...this is the only way, the
truth and the life in the heart, not the head from Jesus...this is the open way which is higher or above the law of Moses...the grace
of Jesus...and not the law of Moses...Quran 5v48...the open way into the heart...Revelation 3v18-22...Galatians 6v2...Galatians 5v22
...1 Corinthians 13...Ephesians 2v8-9..Romans 10v9..Joel 2v29..God said he will pour out his Holy Spirit on all flesh, your old men will
dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Your sons and daughters and male and female servants will prophecy. This was
fulfilled 2000_+ years ago on the day of Pentecost. This Jesus & the Holy Spirit is our strong handhold, our tight rope. Quran 3v103
...Quran 41v34-35 says we must practise patience & self-control & those who were your enemies will become your dearest of friends
in the end. Mathew 5v43-48..Proverbs 25v21..love your enemies. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Do unto others as you
would have others do unto you.

Jesus came to his own people that came out of Egypt 4000 years ago first & as the scriptures said they would reject him, kill him
and he Jesus would rise from the dead...and then Jesus empowered his disciples to go into all the world, to preach the gospel, the
good news of repentance and faith in God through sinless Messiah Jesus. Quran 19v19.to baptise them in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit like Mr Mandela was buried in this unity name. To teach all people what Jesus taught them. Jesus promised to
be with them and us until the end...Quran 4v157 does not say Jesus never died....it simply says in context the Jews never killed Jesus..
The Romans did the crucifixion, Judas committed suicide, Peter and all the disciples forsook, betrayed Jesus until Jesus had a fish braai
with peter on the beach after the resurrection Quran 19v33: and Jesus asked peter do you love me 3 x   and Jesus told Peter if you
really love me go feed my sheep...and after Satan sifted Peter he received comfort, the power of the Holy Spirit to go and fulfil the
greatest love story. God’s simple plan of salvation through Messiah Jesus...Saul of Tarsus also rejected the crucified, resurrected Christ
until Jesus transformed him into a new person and he went about sharing Jesus...King Saul was also baptised into a new person..
1 Samuel 10v10.JOB in the bible was also tested by Satan, Iblis and at the end of his fiery trial, holocaust Job said I heard about God
with my ears before my trial, but after my fiery trial I see God with my own eyes and shall see him standing on the earth with my own
eyes...Nebuchadnezzar also had to be sifted by Satan after doubting God’s word & God put the king into the fields with the oxen to eat
straw with them and he lost his mind...this is God humbling people...after 7 years prophesied in the book of Daniel God restored the
king Nebuchadnezzar to his right mind, a new heart of faith and restored him back to king.

The Quran tells us to treat our parents well. To take care of the orphans. Not to skinner. Not to spend unwisely. Not to love this world.
To be prepared for heaven. To look forward to the 2nd coming of Jesus, the sign of the resurrection of the dead and the king of the day
of judgement. Quran 43v61-63. To not let the devil, Iblis  deceive us or whisper in our ears. To not go to hell. To be a close family. To
pray often. To pay tithes. To love enemies, to help the poor.to trust Jesus. Quran 57v27.To fast.to be humble.to be kind. To be
self-controlled, to be patient. To believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. To believe in Jesus miracles & teachings. The Quran only tells us,
encourages us to obey the God of the bible & tells us a little about the stories in the bible. But the bible must be studied daily to get
the full story. Quran 5v68. Quran 16v61.Psalm 51..Jeremiah 17v9.

After living as a sinful, lost & blind young Jewish boy & suddenly meeting Messiah Jesus,I have spent the last 27 years studying the
Holy Bible & Quran so I can share these beautiful words of God with Jews, Muslims & the whole world so people don’t have to be fooled
by false Jesus over the centuries but can come to know the one & only Messiah true Jesus. Here are more awesome love stories to make
us all one in Messiah Jesus. John 17...Psalm 150.Psalm 133.

The promise of God to Ishmael. I will make Ishmael a great nation with 12 princes but he will be a wild donkey of a man. His hand
against his brother & his brothers hand against him.
God gives Ishmael his name. Meaning God hears. God cares.
The children of Ishmael. Nebajoth,Kedar,Adbeel,Mibsam,Mishma,Dumah,Massa,Hadar,Tema,Jetur,Naphish,Kedemah.They all lived from
Aviliah to Shur EAST of Egypt towards Assyria.
The children of Jacob-Israel: Reuben,Simeon,Levi,Judah,Issachar,Zebulan,Joseph,Benjamin,Dan,Naphtali,Gad & Asher.
Jacob-who after wresteling with God to be changed from a liar, cheat, jealous, thief, schemer, wild donkey of a man to a new creation
in Gods image that new name is Israel & Jacob-Israel also received a dislocated hip to help him remember his conversion, transformation
& Jacob- Israel was reconciled with his enemy Esau.
God makes his only holy covenant with Isaac. I will make my covenant of true peace and assurance of eternal life and forgiveness
through Isaac which is Messiah Jesus.
Abrahams new wife Keturah after Sarah died & their Children. Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Sauah. There kids were Sheba,
Dedan, Assaurim, Letushim, Leunmim. Midians sons were Epaah, Opher, Hanolh, Abidah & Eldaah. Nabior sons of Ismael are blessed
Isaiah 60v1.. with brother Isaac through Messiah Jesus amazing grace. Quran 57v27..revelation 3v18-22. Ishmael & Isaac buried Father
Abraham together. So can we bury the past family quarrels, strife, confusion, arrogance, bitterness, rejection, offence, sulking, jealousy,
pride, selfishness, division, nagging, skinnering, murmering etc  which is why Gods punishment for Abraham listening to Sarah to take
the servant Hagar to try help God with plan “B”...   Ishmael...the carnal child...carnal produces these curses. Thank God even though
God separated the family back then...we have the solution of peace and reconciliation through trusting Jesus to love & forgive one
another.& keep Gods word. The Bible.  

Ishmael & the people of the EAST.   1.-  Joseph was rescued from the pit his 11 x Jewish brothers had thrown him in & left for dead by
the Ishmaelites from the EAST. 2.-  Balaam a backslidden prophet from the EAST-numbers 24v17 was used by God to prophecy A Star
Would Come Out Of Jacob-this is Jesus-Gods shining star.3.-  In Matthew 2v1 three wise men from the EAST followed the star in the
sky to find Gods star Jesus about to be miraculously born by the Holy Spirit through the servant Mary. They gave Jesus gifts & bowed
down & worshipped Jesus. The sinless, holy, pure, faultless Son. Quran 19v19,Quran 3v42. Daniel 7v13-14. Isaiah 9v1-6. Isaiah 7v14.
Micah 5v2.Genesis3v15.Daniel 9v24-27.Isaiah 53v2-12.Zechariah 9v9.Quran 3v55.Quran 19v33. 4.-   Moses married Zipporah & her father
Jethro was a high priest from the EAST.a Midianite. 5.-   Jonah,from the EAST, God’s foreign missionary to Nineveh & all the people &
animals repented. 6.-  Rahab a repented prostitute from the EAST after hiding Gods prophets & putting a scarlett thread in her window.
This lady Rahab is found in Jesus geneology. 7.-   Caleb from the EAST with a different awesome spirit joined Joshua to take the
promised land when the other 10 backsliden spies went back to Egypt. 8.-  God used the Midianites from the EAST Judges 6v1-3 to
punish-discipline-encourage Israel. 9.-   The spices used in Moses’ tabernacle & Solomon’s temple Quran 2v248.leviticus v  on the altar
of incense were from the EAST.  10.-  The 5th trumpet & 2nd woe in Revelation 9 was God using the Turks from the EAST to discipline &
hold back the false Catholic system of the time so that the reformation through Luther & others could move the true church forward
with Gods true teaching in the Bible & not man made laws & traditions above the Bible. This is when the first printing press was
invented & for the first time all people were privileged to have a copy of their own Bible.

I’d like to take this honour to explain a very important point right here. A man who God used to bring reformation to his church, his
word Luther after preaching to the Jews & many never repented & received Christ, Luther turned on them & said burn the Jews, in there
shuls & there books the stubborn stiff-necked people. Only God can say this, Luther was deceived, He got in the flesh & allowed the
devil to use him. This proves we must always be on our guard, to guard our heart.. the tongue has poison if we are not in the spirit.
So I say sorry to the Jews & everyone else for Luther’s mistake, bad behaviour & let’s forgive and love one another & get our own
hearts in order with Jesus.  

11.-  God said the armies of locusts from the EAST, Islam with heads like men’s faces & tails like scorpions not to harm any grass
or trees or green thing or any person that has Gods seal on their forehead. The seal is having the mind & heart of Jesus Christ, a new
transformed creation being holy as God is holy, dead to self, alive to Christ, born again, forgiving, patient, kind, tender hearted, faithful
in small things in all of God’s word. Even love for our enemies. Quran 41v34-35.matthew 5v43-48.. Proverbs 25v21. Revelation 9v1-12.   
Quran 6v115.Its imposable to change Gods word. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. Quran 10v94 says If we
are in doubt then go to the people of the book Jews & Christians who were reading the book before you & learn from them so that we
don’t have to be deceived, proud, arrogant, think more highly of ourselves than we should. Knowledge puffs up...But love in Jesus builds
up, walks humbly with God, loves mercy & does justice. Jesus said if I Jesus set you free, you shall be free indeed. Jesus gives us rest
& peace & joy in our soul. Matthew 11v28.

What we learn from the most beautiful story of Joseph. Quran 57v27. 1 Corinthians 13. Galations 6v2. Galations 5v22. Revelation 3v18-22.
FORGIVENESS, Patients, kindness, tenderness. As the sun, moon & 11 stars bowed down to Joseph, so too will every knee bow to Jesus
& confess him as King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Quran 12.Genesis 37.
Quran means a recitation of a reading. Muslim means to submit & obey Gods will.114 chapters in Quran.
Verses in the Quran that talk about good things in the bible. No compulsion in religion.Quran 41v34-35,3v190,14v34,4v129,3v79,46v9,
4v10,13v11,7v26,57v27,3v55,19v19,19v33,3v103,43v61-63,These verses speak of love for our enemies & making them our dearest of
friends, practising patients & self control, Developing a moral conscience, To be accountable to God & before God, Taking care of our
parents, widows & orphans, Protecting our chastity, keeping our vows, walk with humility & not haughtiness, Don’t spend money
excessively or stingily but in moderation, Do not backbite, insult or gossip about another, no hypocracy, People & places & happenings
in the Quran that also appear in the bible. Lucifer in heaven got kicked out by God became Satan, the devil, the snake, the dragon,
Iblis, Shataan,the sworn enemy. Adam-Adami & Eve-Hawwa. Cain-Qabil & Abel-Habil, Noah-Nuh & wife. Job-Ayub, Jethro-Reuel,
Abraham-Ibrahim, Lot-Lut, Ishmael-Ismail, Isaac-Ishaq, Jacob, Pharoah-Firawn, Potphar-Zulavkha-Al-Azizs, Enoch-Idris, Joseph,
Haman-Korah-Qarun, Moses-Musa, Aaron-Harun, David-Dawud, Gabriel-Jibril, Michael-Mikal, Gideon, Saul-Talut, Samuel-Samuil,
Ezra-Uzayr, Goliath-Jalut, Solomon-Sulayman, Queen of sheeba-Saba, Elisha-Al-Yasa, Elijah-Elias, Ezekiel-Dhul-kifl, Jonah-Yunus,
Zechariah-Zakariyya, John the Baptist-Yaya, Mary-Maryam, Elizabeth-Al-usabat, The Apostles, Al-hawariyyun, Jesus-Isa-Eessa-Yeshua,
The ark of the covenant, heaven & hell, resurrection of the dead, day of judgement, Angels. So encouragement for us all is to study
both books the bible & the Quran & allow Jesus to clean me by his holy blood & fill me with his holy spirit so we can see the jihad take
place in our own heart...that is getting the devil out & trusting Jesus to put Satan under our feet & not a physical jihad. Struggling
against Satan not each other.

How Jesus fulfils the amazing Mecca Hujji  for men  & Hujja for women experience of there one week  quest-search for salvation to
come back to their homes as better people, but Jesus doesn’t make us better or bitter but brand new creations, Pakkah-born again,
born a new-born from above-.This is how Jesus fulfils everything. Come to Jesus so he can lighten our burdens & so that we can be
dressed in white-Kawaf clothes- spiritually. Jesus in us stops us worshiping the black stone-Kaaba & the small black stone on the
corner & the cross, but what it represents & that is Jesus Christ in the cornerstone the builders rejected which has become the chief
cornerstone, the capstone. We say there is nothing worthy of worship but God. Talbeya. We are here at your service-We are in a state
of Ihram-patients, courtesy & respect. Always on centre stage in Gods holy presence.24x7...365 days a year. No more striving for
physical zum zum water like Hagar did for Ishmael, but receiving the water of the holy spirit in my innermost belly, reconciled with
Sarah, Abraham, Isaac & the whole worlds family of believers. Now we strive for peace, forgiveness, rest, love, joy, faithfulness,
kindness, patients, tenderness, compassion. One wife for one husband. In the valley of Mina where Adam & Eve were expelled from
garden for their sin, in Jesus we need not worry for leaves or animal skins or our own clothes but for the raiment covering of
righteousness, the precious blood of Jesus to forgive us our sins, mistakes & cleanse us of all unrighteousness. So we can have
confidence on judgement day-Ja ba al ragma-Mt of mercy-God’s grace- & not guilt & condemnation. Even in the midst of confusion &
chaos we continue to examine ourselves daily with Jesus & the Holy Spirit. Renewing our minds daily in God’s word. The battle with
the devil is not throwing stones or shoes at stone pillars while casting temptations, obsessions etc out of their lives. Quran 37v99-143.
This is Jumrat. We can avoid all the unnecessary deaths, stampeding, killing one another, judging one another thru physical jihad to
the spiritual jihad, getting Satan out the heart with Jesus blood. Just like we see God provided a ram-lamb in the bush instead of
sacrificing Isaac. This was a shadow of what would happen for us through Jesus sacrifice for us on the cross-tree 2000 years ago so
we don’t have to be sacrificed & go to hell. Genesis.Our most merciful & most gracious Holy loving God ..Bismillah-Allah Akbar or
others say Bismilla al Rahman al Rahim. 786. To say these words we must also have them in our heart, otherwise they are just words,
just lip service instead of heart service. The celebration at the end of finding salvation & assurance of forgiveness and everlasting life,
the angels are rejoicing when one sinner repents and gets born again in Jesus Christ. Messianic Jews, pakkah Muslims, born again
Christians. Now we can faithful husband, wife, servant, master, politician etc etc...    

Rabbi Shmulley says: We must all learn from Jesus. He said we must read the New Testament & call Hashem my Lord & develop an
intimate relationship with Our Lord like true Christians do & like Abraham did.   
Vicky Clavansky says: Jesus was the best Jew ever to live & if we Jews learn from Jesus we will have a brilliant loving & kind world.
Albert Einstein says: No one can read the gospel , good news, Injeel without feeling the amazing presence of Jesus. Jesus personality
pulsates in every word. No person is filled with such life. I am enthralled by the luminous figure of Jesus.
Dr & Professor David Block says: For over 40 years me & my whole family are honoured to have been serving Messiah Yeshua-Jesus.
The heavens declare the glory of God. Mr Mandela gave my twin boys there names. Im so grateful Mr Mandela was buried in the name
of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
Josephus & Antiquitates Ludaicae both talk of Jesus birth, miracles, teachings, healings, compassion, death, burial & resurrection &
appearance to the 100s of followers of the way,the Christians who were first of all mostly Jewish.
Zohar 24b Rabbi Simeon says: God above is YHWH..Jesus is the stem of Jessie...The Holy Spirit shows us the way....
Talmud Megillah 3a on Messiahs death says: Joseph Klausner says Jesus ethical teaching is the highest.
South African Jewish Board Of Deputies in the Jewish report  says: chairman 2004. Michael Bagraum,we must look for Christian goodwill
& said we must all watch The Movie The hiding place with corrie ten boom which was also shown at the Cape Town holocaust museum
in 2004.  
Jewish holocaust survivor studies medicine, then Jesus & finds  forgiveness, understanding, wisdom, eternal life, peace, joy in Messiah
Jesus. Dr Vera Schlamm.
1000s of Palestinians & Israelis fall in love with Jesus & now have true peace & love one another & love their enemies.    
1000s of Jewish people fall in love with Messiah Jesus.  Michael L. Brown four volumes of answering Jewish objections to Jesus.
The Quran says: Fear God & follow & obey sinless Messiah Jesus. We, Christians are there best friends, not proud & arrogant. Receive
Jesus in my heart. Su 57v27,su43v61-63,su 5v82.The open way above the law of Moses.su 5v48-grace of Jesus. Our raiment covering
of righteousness.su 7v26.Jesus blood.su 3v55.su19v19-33.
Quran 5v116 says God, Jesus & Mary is wrong...The true  word of God says .God, Jesus & Holy Spirit.
US..OUR...WE...is used in the Bible & the Quran... Let’s us make man in our image...let them conform to our image....genesis 1v26…
Quran 49v13,15v21,19v21—37v145,- 47v13,54v13,38v42, etc...
Millions of Pakkah Muslims fall in love with following & obeying Messiah Jesus.&      Quran 5v113,2v38,4v28,53v47,21v7,14v41,19v21,
21v91.A sign & a blessing to all people.
Peace & reconciliation in Palestine-Israel music.
Free masons,7th day Adventists, Catholics, Anglicans, mentally ill, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Germans, Russians, homosexuals, lesbians,
blacks, ZCC, Methodists, Baptists. fornicators, liars, thieves, murderers, idolaters, drunkards, shiate & sufi muslims, cowards etc etc
all find forgiveness in Jesus and now live new holy loving kind, compassionate tender lives on the way to heaven.  
Mr Mandela who was buried in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, a Methodist said: Forgive & learn to love your neighbour as
you love yourself & love your enemies.
Over 20 Rabbis said: We trust Messiah Jesus as King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Most old Rabbis & teachers said they believed Isaiah 53
is talking about a suffering Messiah.

The Biblical & Quranic approach to peace & violence. Through the prince of peace..Messiah Jesus. &  Shabir Ally & John Gilchrist.
One of Gods most beautiful names is AL-FAADI...REDEEMER.

Pray this prayer to repent & receive Jesus in your heart & assurance of everlasting life.
Dear Lord My God. I have been convicted by your Holy Spirit of my sin, your holy righteousness & the judgement to come. Just like
King David said so do I say as well. Please don’t take away your Holy Spirit from me. Please forgive me & cleanse me from all my
unrighteousness & please write me in the book of life so that I will be in the book on judgement day. Please empower me so I can
help others turn from there sin & help them into the book of life. Please help me to forgive and love everyone, even my enemies.
Thank you for coming to live in me Jesus with love, joy, peace, kindness, tenderness, compassion, mercy, humility & assurance of
eternal life. I’m now born again & look forward to you Jesus coming to fetch me when i die so i can be with you forever.

In Psalm 51...King David says we were born with sin and iniquity in our mothers womb,& David repented after adultery,murder,lies,
a coward etc & cried to God..please don’t take your Holy Spirit away from me,create a clean heart in me,& then i will turn transgressors,
sinners away from there sin & towards you Dear God. Daniel 12v1-3..says those who are wise will shine like the stars in the firmament
& win many to righteousness.

Messiah Jesus is this righteousness of God.The raiment covering of righteousness. Quran 7v26-27.Seek first the kingdom of God &
his righteousness then all the other things will be added to you. Mathew 6v33.
John-Yaya the Baptist Mark 1v4-9..Mathew 21v24-26....When John- Yaya Quran 19v7 came baptising-Colouring-Dyeing Jesus,
Quran 2v138 so we could follow Gods example for our Redemption-Al-Faadi, God’s most important name...To redeem us back to
himself from our garments of shame,guilt,sin,disobedience,rebellion,compromise & stubbornness & pride.Our nakedness. Jeremiah
17v9.Quran 5v47-48.quran 7v26-27.quran 3v103.isaiah 53v2-12.
Al-Faaidi-God our redeemer through the baptisms of God’s dye..Quran 2v138.From Darkness to light.This is what we go through as
we become new believers.The open way.quran 5v47-48.quran 7v26-27.isaiah 53v2-12.daniel 9v24-27.
Baptism-Dyeing-colouring-transforming into the water like Yaya did to Jesus & God said this is my Son in whom im well pleased.
As  new creations,we can now walk humbly with God,love mercy & do justice..Mercy triumphs over judgement.Quran 5v47-48.
quran 7v26-27.quran 3v103.
1.Baptism  in Water. Sign of submission & obedience to God.The open way.quran 5v48.The open way.quran 5v47.quran 3v103.
John 4.Jesus said to the women at the well if you receive my holy spirit,living water you will never thirst again.Acts 13v24.Mark 1v4.
John 19v23.Matthew 3v13.Luke 3v21-22.Quran 2v138.
2.Baptism in the Fire & holy spirit. Ruh Allah-God.
Acts 2v38.Luke 3v16. Quran 2v138.The open way.quran 5v47.quran 3v103.quran 3v55.19v33
3.Baptism of Blood.Al-Faadi-Redeemer.Mutawafika.cause to die.Sothat with Gods dye quran 2v138 i can drink the cup of suffering like
Jesus-Isa al Messiah did.Mark 10v38.Mark 15v34.Romans 12v3.Quran 3v55.Isaiah 53v2-12.Daniel 9v24-27.Genesis3v15.God was
pleased to kill Jesus to clear the guilty with his precious blood.To baptise us in spiritual blood so we can suffer with Christ Jesus.
Meaning to turn the other cheek,to love our enemies. Quran 41v34-35.Mathew 5v43-48.Proverbs 25v21.Present our bodies as living
sacrifices unto God so that we become the temple of God & the mercy seat which received the Blood of the heifer is now the mercy
seat in my heart with Jesus baptism of blood.To bless those who curse me.To pray for those who spitefully use and abuse me & to
jump for joy when i suffer..when I’m persecuted for righteousness sake.Not to return evil with evil.The police,judge & the law will
do that discipline.My baptism,my priveldge is to love and forgive.This is to suffer with exceeding joy with Jesus our example. Holy,
faultless,sinless,pure.Be holy as God is holy.As God provided the ram inplace of Isaac,so God provides his spotless lamb Messiah
Jesus to be our Al-Faadi & take our place instead of going to hell we have assurance of everlasting life and not everlasting torment.
Daniel 12v1-3.quran 37v100-113.
God said its not my good deeds outweighing my bad deeds like a scale that will get me into heaven.God said we cant boast..its not
by our own naked works but by Gods grace.ephesians 2v8-9.quran 57v27.quran 7v26-27.quran 2v138.quran 3v55.quran 5v47-48.
Isaiah 53v2-12. Daniel 9v24-27.genesis 3v15.Mark 16v15-16.Acts 8v36-37.Matthew 28v18.
Jesus said after we have repented & are transformed from our nakedness like adam and eve  quran 7v26-27.We must walk in the
open way.quran 5v47-48 & with our new Jesus raiment covering of righteousness qura 7v26-27 galations 5v22 1 corinthians 13
galations 6v2.acts 1v8 revelation 3v18-22 & quran 57v27 with Jesus in our heart & the baptism of love,tenderness,compassion,
kindness,holiness we must go into all the world & preach the goodnews,the injeel,the gospel and teach everyone to obey everything
Jesus taught us and we must baptise,colour,dye everyone in the name of the Father,Son & Holy spirit & not quran 5v116 in God,
Jesus & Marys name.Now we can stop throwing stones and shoes at the devil and just repent and get baptised like Jesus was by
Yaya...Halleluya.Acts 1v8
When we wait for God prayerfully he said you will receive power from the holy spirit and you will be my-“JESUS” witnesses until I
come back with judgement and rewards. quran 43v61-63. 1 Thessalonians 4v16-17.
God bless us all as we conform to the image of God.The fruit and the gifts of the holy spirit.
life. 1john 5v13.

God bless us all.


Faithfully & gratefully.
Brother & Pastor Glenn Wayne Osher